I wish I could find my list of songs that I wanted to get…at one time I had an extensive list of songs, that I didn’t have, that I wanted to add to my collection. The problem with ‘ rare ‘ classic songs ( rock or other ) is that they are very hard to remember…unlike popular, extensively played, songs by groups like the Doors or Stones…just hearing one of their songs can remind you of the others. Rare songs, by contrast, you almost never hear played, some you might not have heard at all since they were first released…so, in many cases, all you’ve got is a vague memory of them.
In cases like this a list is very important, because, if nothing else, just seeing the name on a piece of paper can trigger your memory. I had so many great songs on that ‘ to get list ‘ that it’s sad I have no idea where it went.

I’ve tried my best not to duplicate the same artist and/or song on these pages but, as I’ve created several pages and abandoned alphabetical order, it’s possible that a duplicate slipped past me. So if you see one please tell me in a comment and I’ll correct it. Spanks!

Some of these are rare songs that never made the Top 40 ( but should have ), some are rare one-hit-wonders, and all of these are worth your time tracking down and adding to your collections.

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