Most of these songs, like in our other two lists ( and many songs in our general lists ), you will likely never hear on Classic Rock Stations. Why? Because radio stations cater to the interests of their advertisers, and as a result usually only play very popular Top 40 by well-known groups and artists.

Many of these songs I had on 45 as a kid and later as collector of one-hit wonders and rare hard-to-find classics. I also had several compilation albums which were very popular back in the early 70′s. Albums put out by companies like K-Tel or Pepsi.

If you come from the 60’s or 70’s generation, or are a hard-core classic rock lover, some of these you might remember, and many you will remember if you listen to them, and many that you don’t remember but should listen to.

If you like music, and have a fondness for the classic oldies, you won’t want to just read this and not follow up on these tunes.

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