To re-cap from our first list of 100 Rare Classic Rock Songs:

Many times good to excellent songs get passed up for a variety of reasons…for instance Decca once sent the Beatles a rejection letter saying that in their opinion they didn’t like their sound and guitar music was on it’s way out. Sometimes it’s a matter of not having the right connections, or not catching the eye ( ear ) of the right DJ who will give you the air-time.

If all you ever listen to is Top 40 pop radio, or Top 40 classic rock radio, chances are you’ve never even heard of most of these, and that’s too bad, because there’s really some great songs out there that never get played by commercial radio that caters to their advertisers and not the music.

Well…if you come from the 60’s or 70’s generation, or are a hard-core classic rock lover, some of these you might remember, and many you will remember if you listen to them, and many that you don’t remember but should listen to.

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